Tough Troubles 'Illnesses' LTD 80 Copies(Digital Avail from Bandcamp)

Image of Tough Troubles 'Illnesses' LTD 80 Copies(Digital Avail from Bandcamp)


Third recording from Tough Troubles on the Geneva Lake Records imprint

Green Cover on Green Tape

Tough Troubles are three guys, two from Holloway and one from
Wimbledon, Greater London. Over nearly three years they've used cheap
electronics and stringed instruments to space the fuck out. At some
point during the Winter 2009/2010 Mi Mi, Fi Fi and G G were spent
after another 3 hour session and it ocurred to them that the human
organism itself is an inner cosmos - to be bent around the will. This
artifice appeared significant enough at the time to germinate the idea
of a concept album called "Illnesses".

Tough Troubles recorded "Illnesses" over multiple sessions in multiple
locations from about January 2010 to April 2010. The bulk of the
longer instrumental joints were delivered straight to a Roland VS880
multitrack recorder in a converted church across the road from HMP
Holloway. Some bedrooms and living rooms in Holloway and Wimbledon
birthed the incidental music and album glue. The rhythms were supplied
from a range of cheap hardware drum machines as well as piezoed actual
drums. The final push hapenned in Fi Fi's living room during May and

The emphasis is on a cohesive musical whole. Each song details a
condition, an illness, the onset of a disease, a hereditary syndrome,
a chromosome mutation. The hope is that the listener might spend the
50 minutes listening to the record, ideally alone and in a darkened
space, so that the whole might have a chance to take an effect.

Gerard du Lac,
Geneva Lake Records

Track list.
side a:
part 1 cancer survivor
part 2 paraplegic
part 3 herpes discussion
part 4 radiation sickness
part 5 onset of schizophrenia
part 6 onset of add 1
part 7 onset of depression
side b:
part 1 onset of add 2
part 2 napoleon complex (diy context)
part 3 foreign accent syndrome
part 4 weed paranoia
part 5 whipworm
part 6 nat and dan (ana's song)
part 7 progeria
part 8 wellness

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